Innsbruck Austria in 2 Days

When you move to a foreign country alone with zero contacts it is crucial to take every and any opportunity to make friends. I had two days of orientation then I was on my own in Spain, for a year. We had 10 days off before school started so plans between acquaintances were being thrown around. I was approached by a friend asking if I wanted to “try Oktoberfest” that next week. I don’t know why we thought we could “try Oktoberfest” when it was only one week away, but we decided to just go for it anyways. I had no plans so I decided to just take the risk and go for it.* We found a round trip ticket to Munich for 160 euros from Saturday to Saturday but staying in Munich for a whole week felt like a waste of time to me especially being right next to Austria (a country on the top of my list). Flying into a place so close to somewhere I have always wanted to visit would have been unacceptable if I didn’t go there. So we found a bus and an air bnb and headed to Innsbruck, Austria for a few days.

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We arrived in Munich at 9 pm and somehow managed to catch the 9:30 pm bus to Innsbruck. We used the ‘Meinfernbus’ which was a very accomodating two story bus with wifi (sometimes). The bus rode in over the alps, it was dark but looking out the window you could easily tell how high up you were (it was even better during the day on the way home).

Day 1:

We spent the begining of the day in the Golden Roof area, which is a memorial for Emperor Maximillion and a symbol for Innsbruck ‘the capital of the Alps.’ The area is only buildings and no cars are allowed to drive there, we checked out the museum inside the Golden Roof and visited many of the quaint souvenier shops with traditional dirndles and tyrolian liquor.

After our liquor tasting we took a walk along the river (which is pretty much white because of glacial runoff) and got to experience the alps in all their glory. We explored the city and jumped on a hop off hop on bus tour. The tour included the Bergisle olympic ski jump, old catherdrals, palaces, and an overall great view of a gorgeous city.

We finished the night off with some schnitzle and Austrian wine (which tastes very similar to French wine), cozied up in the typical fur lined outdoor seating.

Day 2:

The next morning we got up bright and early to take the tram up to the top of the Alps. It left right near the city center and brought us all the way up to the top for a 360 degree view of Innsbruck and its Alps. We spent almost the whole day up there, the air was noticeably thinner and the trail to the peak was barely a foot wide. But this was one trip that was worth every second of the treck.

We made our way down slowly and finished the night off with apple strudel and a wine trasting of Austria’s most sought after wines.

*I highly suggesting planning way ahead of time if you want to go to Oktoberfest. Do not “just go for it” or you may end up in a dirty, overcrowded hostel with questionable things moving around in your food.


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